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This information on cookies is part of our PRIVACY POLICY

What is a cookie?


  1. Cookies are small files sent by a web server to your browser and stored on your computer. Cookies do not in any way allow us to access your computer or information about you, except for information about how you use our website and the personal information you choose to share with us (including the personal information you provide to us) automatically due to your browser settings).
  2. To check what cookies our website uses, click the “Manage consent” link at the bottom of the page, and then “Cookie Settings”.
  3. The cookies used on our website fall into the following categories:
  • “Necessary” cookies – that is, cookies without which the website will not function; these are files that are responsible for the proper functioning of our website; their purpose is to enable the use of the services we provide, e.g. remembering the preferences for choosing the use of cookies, login authentication and ensuring security. These files may process the user’s personal data. You cannot disable these files as part of your preferences settings, but you can block them in your browser settings. However, this action may result in some parts of the website not being available. These types of cookies live for a period that enables the proper functioning of the website and ensuring the security of its use, mostly for the duration of the session, not longer than 1 year. This action is our legitimate interest in accordance with Article 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR;
  • “Statistical” cookies are files that we use to collect information about the use of our website, such as the number of visits, time spent, time of content viewed or access sources. These files allow us to understand how you use our website, which helps to better match the website and displayed content. These files may come from us or our service providers (e.g. Google). These files do not contain personal data, but only anonymous information not assigned to the user. These files can be managed in the cookie preferences settings. If you do not consent, we will not know when, how often, for how long and from what access sources you visit our website.
  • Other uncategorised cookies are those that are analysed and have not yet been categorized.
  1. In order to monitor and improve our website, we collect aggregate information about website users when they visit our website, including details about the operating system, browser version, domain name, IP address, URL from which they come to our website and where they go, and which subpages of our website they visit. We may keep general statistics, collect website traffic data and information about related sites, but this aggregate data does not contain any personal information.
  2. On our website, a message will be displayed informing that information is saved on your device in the form of cookies. We also sometimes use pop-ups or banners so that you can manage your cookies. You can manage cookie settings using your browser (which will allow you to disable the acceptance of all or some cookies). Your browser may ask you to confirm the change of settings. Remember, however, that turning on blocking all cookies may result in inconvenient operation of our website or the lack of access to some parts of it. Please note that third parties may also use cookies to analyse how you use their websites, and we have no influence on this. You can find more information about cookies here:
  3. Some cookies are created by the entity whose services we use, e.g. as part of the Google Analytics tool.
  4. How can you manage cookies yourself while browsing the website?
  • Google Chrome

Click on the menu and select the Settings> Privacy and Security tab. In this section, we click on Cookies and other website data.

  • Microsoft Edge

From the browser menu, select: Settings> Stored data and cookies> Manage cookies and website data and delete them.

  • Mozilla Firefox

Select from the browser menu: Settings> Privacy and security. In the Privacy section, you can select the type of protection.

  1. This cookie policy may be changed from time to time, as deemed necessary. Such a change is related to the change of the last update date placed at the top of the page – the changed cookie policy will apply to both users and the data they provide, effective from the date of update of the policy.
  2. We encourage users to review our cookies policy regularly for information on how we use cookies.