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What if attestation verification didn't need online or trusted services? Shahriar Ebrahimi and Parisa Hassanizadeh, researchers at IDEAS NCBR cryptography group of Stefan Dziembowski, introduce zRA, a non-interactive, transparent, and publicly provable RA (Remote Attestation) protocol based on zkSNARKs. Their paper "From Interaction to Independence: zkSNARKs for Transparent and Non-Interactive Remote Attestation" was presented at Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS 2024) in San Diego.

Shahriar Ebrahimi provides an overview of the research in a YouTube video:

‘zRA’s network complexity is independent from number of devices or attestation rate, which is not possible with previous work approaches,” say the researchers. “zRA introduces the concept of transparent attestation, which means everyone can verify attestation process without requiring any prior knowledge. zRA does not require any special infrastructures for verification process and can be implemented on any non-secure network settings.’

In short, the introduction of zRA represents an advancement in remote attestation protocols, addressing the critical issue of transparency while eliminating the need for pre-shared keys or access to confidential data. Its non-interactive and publicly provable nature ensures a trustless and open attestation process, facilitating widespread adoption across various applications and network structures.

Link to the paper and Github:

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