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'I would identify three main threats', said Tomasz Trzciński, leader of the research group "Zero-waste machine learning in computer vision" at IDEAS NCBR.

‘AI overhype may cause expectations towards artificial intelligence to far exceed technological capabilities, leading to disappointment in society and a lack of funds for research.’

‘On the wave of hype, we can get used to not having to think. Some Google Maps users cannot read the map. Laziness and lack of intellectual discipline may have a negative impact on us as humanity in the long run.’

‘The third danger is taking too seriously the claims that AI will eliminate half of today’s jobs. This is again a matter of media disinformation. This may influence people who would like to pursue “dying” professions such as lawyers or teachers. If we are really good at something and passionate about it, we should pursue it, regardless of the advances of artificial intelligence.

Tomasz Trzciński, leader of the Zero-waste Machine Learning in Computer Vision research group at IDEAS NCBR, talked about the most important threats related to AI – and the opportunities that institutional cooperation brings, i.e. the ELLIS Society network, to which IDEAS NCBR belongs – during a speech and in a panel led by Aleksandra Ihnatowicz, with the participation of Maria Ganzha and Jacek Gralak.

The event was part of the “Widening Horizon” conference – Horizon Europe Info Day 2024, organized by the National Contact Point for EU Research Programs.

Photos: National Center for Research and Development

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