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In connection with the creation of two new Scientific and Research Groups, the recruitment for the position of the Leader of the Scientific and Research Group and the position of Postdoc – Artificial Intelligence / IT is in progress.

We are looking for talented young innovators who aim at new scientific challenges and at the same time work on real world challenges. At IDEAS NCBR, the process of educating young scientists is strongly related to building effective, mutually beneficial mechanisms of cooperation between science and business. Research topics within the groups will concern the development of technologies that will become key ones in the 3-5 years, and not the methods currently used. An important area of our activity will be commercialization of the results of implemented projects in an attractive way, i.e. by co-creating spin-off companies. Therefore, our company is a place of competitive working conditions for young, talented researchers who want to develop their scientific interests and simultaneously be successful in the business.

We are currently looking for a person for the position of a Research Team Leader who will deal with formal modeling and proving the security of cryptographic protocols used in blockchain technology. The research work will be led by professor Stefan Dziembowski in cooperation with the cryptography and blockchain laboratory at the University of Warsaw.

We are also looking for a person for the position of POSTDOC – Artificial Intelligence / IT. The researcher in this position will conduct research and development works related to, among others, such issues as: the use of IT tools in the digital economy, learning data structures or the development of blockchain technology and decentralized finance (DeFi). As a member of our team, he will cooperate with world-renowned experts such as doctor habilitated Piotr Sankowski and professor Stefan Dziembowski and many other experts.

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