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Join IDEAS NCBR research seminar which will take place on Tuesday, June 6th at 2:00 pm via Zoom. Dr. Przemysław Musialski, Assoc. Professor at NJIT – the leader of the new research group on Computer Graphics – will conduct the lecture “Exploring the Horizon: Neural Fields in Computer Graphics and Beyond“. For your convenience, there is also a possibility to use the IDEAS Conference Room.

Dr. Przemysław Musialski, Assoc. Professor at NJIT is the leader of a new IDEAS NCBR research group on computer graphics. In his speech, he will present the possibilities of using artificial intelligence (deep learning, neural networks, neural fields) in working with graphics.


To join the seminar, please use this link:


Meeting ID: 809 153 9654

Passcode: 712966


Title: Exploring the Horizon: Neural Fields in Computer Graphics and Beyond



This presentation first gives a brief introduction to computer graphics as a scientific discipline as well as its application fields. Further, it offers a fast forward from the basics of computer graphics to the cutting-edge technology of neural fields and their transformative potential in video games and computer-generated imagery (CGI) production. Starting with an overview of traditional computer graphics, we quickly transition to the role of deep learning and neural networks as function approximators. Further, we focus on neural fields, aka implicit neural representations (INR), demonstrating their ability to predict properties of complex high-dimensional data, thereby revolutionizing rendering and modeling capabilities. The culmination of this exploration addresses the practical applications and implications of neural fields to the CGI and video game markets. Finally, through this presentation, we illustrate the future of computer graphics, where neural fields offer not just an advancement but a potential paradigm shift in creating digital visual content.



Przemyslaw Musialski is the leader of the research group Computer Graphics at IDEAS. He is also an associate professor of Computer Science at New Jersey Institute of Technology. His research spans geometric modeling, geometry processing, computational fabrication, and machine learning, focusing on creating algorithmic solutions for digital content generation. Before joining IDEAS, he led the Computational Fabrication group at Vienna University of Technology’s Center for Geometry and Computational Design, and previously, he held academic and research positions at VRVis Vienna, TU Vienna, Arizona State, and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. He holds an MSc degree in Media Systems Science from Bauhaus University Weimar and a PhD in Computer Science from the Vienna University of Technology.

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