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On January 8, 2024, IDEAS NCBR joined the AI, Data and Robotics Association (Adra). The association was founded in 2021 within the European Partnership on AI, Data and Robotics, one of the European Partnerships in Cluster 4 (digital, industrial and space) in the Horizon Europe program.

Adra is an association of leading European institutions related to artificial intelligence, data and robotics. It stimulates the implementation of specific solutions in these three key areas so that Europe can confront socio-economic challenges – with particular emphasis on protecting the natural environment. Adra connects European research institutions and the ADR industry so that they can take a common stance towards international and local institutions. It helps its members formulate research and innovation goals based on the analysis of issues such as sustainable development, environmental impact, and regulations of new technology. It contributes to creating favorable conditions for the development of new ideas in Europe.