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Three papers co-authored by our reseachers got accepted to ICLR 2024. Great job and see you in Vienna!

Divide and not forget: Ensemble of selectively trained experts in Continual Learning

Grzegorz Rypeść, Sebastian Cygert, Valeriya Khan, Tomasz Trzciński, Bartosz Zieliński, Bartłomiej Twardowski (all IDEAS NCBR)

Magnushammer: A Transformer-Based Approach to Premise Selection

Maciej Mikuła, Szymon Antoniak (IDEAS NCBR), Szymon Tworkowski, Bartosz Piotrowski (IDEAS NCBR), Albert Jiang, Jin Peng Zhou, Christian Szegedy, Łukasz Kuciński (IDEAS NCBR), Piotr Miłoś (IDEAS NCBR), Yuhuai Wu

Discovering modular solutions that generalize compositionally

Simon Schug, Seijin Kobayashi, Yassir Akram, Maciej Wołczyk (IDEAS NCBR), Alexandra Proca, Johannes von Oswald, Razvan Pascanu, João Sacramento, Angelika Steger

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