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IDEAS NCBR Ltd. What is its main objective? – to increase the R&D&I (Research+Develop+Innovate) potential in the area of artificial intelligence and digital economy.

Our undertaking is an opportunity to increase Poland’s contribution to innovation-based economic growth, and to actively participate in the civilisational breakthrough which is about to take place. – we read in an interview with Dr. Wojciech Kamieniecki, Director of the National Center for Research and Development, awarded in the in the article Digital NCBR priorities“.

The creation of IDEAS NCBR allows for the concentration of human resources in one place, providing scientists and practitioners with the possibility of direct contacts and exchange of experiences, and in thelong-term perspective the accumulation of knowledge and competences in one organization. The applications of artificial intelligence in industry and business become an important element of the development of the state, economy and society for Poland.

PhD Eng. Wojciech Kamieniecki stresses that “noticing the opportunities associated with artificial intelligence (AI) in Polish innovations, we would like to help our businesspeople and scientists to use them efficiently, in this way building the competitiveness of the Polish economy as part of Industrial Revolution 4.0 in the difficult post-pandemic times. We are already implementing specific actions to fulfil the plan.”

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