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IDEAS NCBR and the Lodz University of Technology will cooperate in the education of a new generation of specialists in the field of artificial intelligence. The contract covers the creation of additional places for participants of doctoral studies. Students selected in the joint recruitment process will start in the fall of this year. study at the TUL Interdisciplinary Doctoral School and at the same time they will receive substantive and financial support from IDEAS NCBR.

The demand for well-educated IT specialists, including those who specialize in artificial intelligence or machine learning, has been growing for years. Their presence on the labor market is necessary today, also in areas that have not been associated with IT so far. In a constantly changing world and with the persistent pressure to modernize services and products, it is often up to information technology experts to determine the survival of a company or organization. The lack of ICT specialists is a huge gap that requires management. For this reason, more and more universities supplement the offer of studies with courses dedicated to artificial intelligence and machine learning, or decide on interdisciplinary cooperation with universities or research and development centers representing different disciplines or activity profiles.

Cooperation with universities will be based on providing the future doctor with friendly conditions for the implementation of research and mentoring during the doctoral studies. The offer is addressed to students interested in conducting research in areas such as machine learning, smart contracts, robotics, blockchain or learning data structures. The aim of the cooperation is to provide students with attractive conditions of education, both in terms of finance and content. Students will be able to carry out their research projects under the supervision of the supervisor, with the simultaneous support of the IDEAS NCBR team of experts. Work or internship in an organization is an opportunity to participate in research and development projects that have practical application in various sectors of the economy, as well as to co-author publications in prestigious magazines and exchange information in an international environment.

“The work of IT specialists is very exciting at the moment. They become part of teams that help solve complex problems – business, social or environmental. You could say that they change the world. Competences in the area of AI or ML are used, for example, in the medical, technological and financial industries. In order to create innovations on a global scale without leaving the country, Poland needs educated specialists, of whom there are too few today. The cooperation of IDEAS NCBR with universities is aimed at supporting the creation of an efficient AI system in the country. That is why we are so happy with the partnership agreement signed with the Lodz University of Technology. This is another step that brings us closer to building a world-class AI innovation ecosystem in Poland ” – explains dr hab. Piotr Sankowski, professor at the Warsaw University, president of IDEAS NCBR.

“One of our strategic goals is to strengthen the university’s scientific position in the international academic environment. ICT technologies, which are in demand today in virtually every industry, are one of the main research priorities for the development of the Lodz University of Technology, and we are also developing it in the field of education. A new proposal in the current recruitment is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. At the same time, in line with the adopted strategy, we definitely support young scientists whose potential is a chance for the development of innovations important for the Polish economy. The contract with IDEAS NCBR will contribute to educating specialists on a global level. We want to jointly stimulate doctoral students to create solutions to significant social and economic problems. We attach an important role to the inclusion of people at the beginning of their scientific career in research and development in the field of artificial intelligence and IT solutions for the digital economy “– says prof. Krzysztof Jóźwik, rector of the Lódź University of Technology.

In the coming years, IDEAS NCBR will employ 200 scientists who will conduct research within working groups related to the sectors of science and economy, such as: medicine, economy, computer graphics, robotics and augmented reality. In addition to educational activities, an important area of the company’s operations is the development of cooperation between scientists and business and commercialization of the results of implemented projects (e.g. by co-creating spin-out companies in which researchers can become shareholders).

You can download the press release here.


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