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IDEAS NCBR and Livespace signed an agreement on joint research and development work. As part of the EXALT (EXplainable ALgorithmic Tools) project, led by the CEO IDEAS NCBR, Piotr Sankowski, we will develop forecasting tools that, among others, will improve the management of the sales process.

Livespace offers CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, which is currently used by over 1,000 companies and is one of the most frequently chosen in the small and medium-sized enterprise sector in Poland (Sellwise).

‘We intend to develop tools that will augment optimization algorithms with explanations that are understandable to humans. We will create a library of algorithms that we will first train on anonymized data. In the next step, Livespace will conduct internal software tests online. If the developed solution proves to be effective, we will look for ways to commercialize it,’ says Piotr Sankowski, CEO IDEAS NCBR.

Livespace will help IDEAS NCBR create synthetic data on the work of sales teams, allowing for research to be carried out. It will also support our research team in testing and verifying emerging algorithms and tools. Finally, the effects of the cooperation will reach Livespace customers and support them in their daily work with the sales process.

‘Livespace CRM was created to support the work of salespeople and manage the sales process in such a way that it is repeatable and predictable. In the coming years, we plan to use artificial intelligence more and more,’ says Michał Szkodziński, co-founder of Livespace. ‘We want to provide sales managers with recommendations along with justification and indication of the criteria that determined the presentation of such suggestions. Cooperation with IDEAS NCBR will allow us to better understand the way salespeople work and draw more conclusions from the data, because currently there are no algorithmic solutions that respond to our needs. The IDEAS NCBR team has competences that we lack, so together we can create solutions that will allow for the optimization of the sales process based on proven patterns and methodology.’

‘At IDEAS NCBR, we encourage companies that run AI projects but lack the resources for independent research and development to cooperate with us,’ says Piotr Sankowski. ‘We hope that our substantive support will help Livespace open up to artificial intelligence and improve their products.’

The EXALT project received an ERC Proof of Concept grant in 2023 in the amount of PLN 150,000 euro from the European Research Council (ERC). This is the fourth ERC grant in Piotr Sankowski’s career – no other scientist in Poland has won as many as four of these prestigious grants.

Founded in 2013 by Michał Skurowski and Marcin Stańczak, Livespace CRM answers the everyday challenges of salespeople in B2B sales. Awarded four times by SellWise as the best and most frequently chosen CRM for SMEs in Poland, Livespace helps companies optimize sales processes and achieve predictable results. This CRM works best where the sales process is complex and consists of many activities, and the salesperson plays an advisory role in the customer’s purchasing process. Thanks to its proprietary methodology and detailed analytics, Livespace transforms the way sales teams work, making it more measurable and effective, and thus increases the company’s sales. Recently, the company closed another round of financing, in which it obtained PLN 10 million. The main investor in this round is the INVentures fund. The investment will be used for further product development, scaling of infrastructure and processes that will enable expansion into new European markets.

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