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IDEAS NCBR CEO Piotr Sankowski shares his career path, learnings and unlearnings with "Digital First Magazine".

‘(…) in computer science, we are used to understanding everything and having everything add up. However, in physics, we often don’t understand much. For instance, I remember an exam where we were given a task with no solution. Everyone was struggling with a differential equation, slightly modified with additional assumptions, and had absolutely no chance. Exactly, this is where AI can help.’

‘We understand the basic physical laws and the interactions of individual particles, but when it comes to calculating something like the “three-body problem”, things get more complicated. And when dealing with systems containing hundreds of thousands of elements, we humbly accept that not everything will be clear or accessible. This humility towards complexity can be a great advantage in artificial intelligence research, especially now that we have moved from classic algorithms to extremely complex “black boxes” like generative models.’

‘The inspiration behind establishing IDEAS NCBR was to create a unique institution in Poland that not only educates a new generation of AI experts but also conducts groundbreaking research with a tangible impact on both the Polish and global technological landscape. (…) IDEAS NCBR currently employs more than 100 researchers, including over 40 PhD candidates. Our researchers have had their work accepted at prestigious conferences in AI and cryptography, such as NeurIPS, ICLR, IJCAI, WACV, and Crypto.’

Read the ful interview here.

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