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Join research seminar which will take place on June 29 at 12 pm CET on Zoom. Prof. Jakob N. Kather (Technical University Dresden) will conduct the lecture “AI biomarkers in precision oncology”. For your convenience, there is also a possibility to use the IDEAS Conference Room.

Professor Jakob N. Kather is Professor of Clinical Artificial Intelligence at the Technical University Dresden. His lecture will cover the state of the art of AI in oncology for precision oncology biomarkers.


To join the seminar, please use this link:

Meeting ID: 821 5342 2344

Login: Name and surname

Passcode: 046517


If you want to join our seminar at IDEAS NCBR Conference Room, please register at


Title: „AI biomarkers in precision oncology”


Abstract: Precision oncology requires complex biomarkers which are often based on molecular and genetic tests of tumor tissue. For many of these tests, universal implementation in clinical practice is limited. However, for virtually every cancer patient, tissue slides stained with hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) are available. Artificial intelligence (AI) can extract biomarkers for better treatment decisions from these images. This talk will summarize the state of the art of AI in oncology for precision oncology biomarkers. It will cover the technical foundations, emerging use cases and established applications which are available for clinical use already.

Bio: Jakob N. Kather is Professor of Clinical AI at Technical University Dresden,

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