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As 2024 rolled in, Adam Pardyl and Bartosz Wójcik, PhD students at IDEAS NCBR, have to spend a combined PLN 100,000 until the end of the year!

Both have been awarded PRELUDIUM 22 grants from Polish NCN (Narodowe Centrum Nauki). The grants allow pre-doctoral researchers to gain experience in conducting projects.

Adam’s project “Where to look next – guiding active visual exploration with internal model uncertainty” will focus on “creating a new branch in active visual exploration research” that can aid development of robotics, autonomous vehicles, and image analysis.

In the project “Computationally efficient dynamic neural networks”, Bartosz will strive to reduce the amount of computation needed in models such as Mixture of Experts, aiming for “more accessible research environment, prolonged battery lives and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.”

Adam and Bartosz are members of IDEAS NCBR research group “Zero-waste machine learning in computer vision” and have 12 months to implement their projects.

Good luck! And thanks to the leaders – Tomasz Trzcinski and Bartosz Zieliński!

Short description of Adam’s project:

Watch our video on Attention-Map Entropy here

Description of Bartosz’s project:

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