Simons Semesters 2021 – 2023

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– 3rd Workshop on Algorithmic Challenges of Big Data (ACBD) – May 9-10th, 2022

– Emerging Models of Colossal Computations (E=mc^2) – May 17-19th, 2022

– An integration trip to Las i Woda (Las i Woda) – May 27-29th May, 2022

– Workshop on Local Algorithms (WOLA) – June 25-27th, 2022 

We would like to remind you that two more events are collocated in Europe this year in June:

– 7th Highlights of Algorithms (HALG 2022) in London – June 1-3rd, 2022

– 54th Annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC 2022) in Rome – June20-24th, 2022

Thus the June program of the semester is more flexible in order to allow participation in these events.

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