The creation of two new Research and Science Groups

IDEAS is a new research and science center in the area of the artificial intelligence and digital economy, whose mission is to conduct innovative research and real cooperation with business.

2 September 2021

We concentrate on cooperation with businesses and aim to create methods of effective commercialization of scientific research results. One of the main goals of our company is to educate highly qualified research staff focused on the practical application of the results of scientific projects. The opportunity to cooperate with scientists of world authority in these fields ensures the highest substantive level and quality of research projects.

As part of the current activity, two new Scientific and Research Groups were established in July:

I. INTELLIGENT ALGORITHMS AND LEARNED DATA STRUCTURES – Leader of Research Group – habilitated doctor of mathematical sciences, associate professor at the Institute of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics at the University of Warsaw – Piotr Sankowski.

The scientific interests of Piotr Sankowski, concern the problems of the practical use of algorithms, starting from economic applications, through learning data structures, and ending with parallel algorithms for data science.


II. BLOCKCHAIN AND SMART CONTRACT GROUP – Leader of Research Group – professor of exact and natural sciences at the Institute of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics at the University of Warsaw – Stefan Dziembowski.

In his research work, he focuses on theoretical and applied cryptography, particularly on physical attacks on cryptographic devices, and blockchain technology.

The Research and Scientific Groups will ultimately consist of about 20 researchers, composed of both experienced researchers in the positions of Group Leader or Team Leader, trainees undergoing post-doctoral internships, the so-called Postdoc, as well as young scientists and doctoral students. The recruitment for the positions within the new Scientific and Research Groups is currently in progress.



21 June 2022

The IDEAS NCBR’s working group that will deal with research in the field of computer vision will be headed by habilitated doctor engineer Tomasz Trzciński, professor at the Warsaw University of Technology and at the Jagiellonian University. The research agenda of the group will focus on issues related to the effectiveness of artificial intelligence models both in the context of the accuracy and pace of computations, as well as resources necessary for their operation.

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