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Karol Pieniący is a PhD student at the University of Warsaw’s Faculty of Mathematics, Information Technology and Mechanics. He has been developing his experience in robotics and automation since 2010. He is an expert in unmanned aerial systems, dedicating much of his doctoral work to designing, building and programming drones and ground elements of autonomous systems. His specialized knowledge and experience in the field enable him to leverage the latest technologies, resulting in both efficient and innovative systems.

He has worked hands-on and as a consultant on all types of robots, including wheeled, walking, swimming and underwater robots, production lines, manipulators, fixed-wings, and multirotors with electric, combustion, and hybrid drives. He specializes in system architecture (especially distributed systems), system integration, project management, and team management.

Currently, as a PhD student at the University of Warsaw, he is conducting research on a multimodal project combining a drone and a robotic manipulator. Additionally, he also runs a course on Robot Control for Master’s students at the University of Warsaw. On this course, he imparts his knowledge and experience to students, helping them understand issues related to designing and implementing control algorithms for different types of robots, effectively encouraging them to tackle modern robotics problems.

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