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The research will be carried out in cooperation with the cryptography and blockchain laboratory headed by Prof. Stefan Dziembowski at the University of Warsaw.



At IDEAS NCBR, we have the opportunity to participate in pioneering projects that can create groundbreaking solutions for the economy and society. Therefore, only responsible involvement into the projects is a chance to achieve mutual success.


We strive together to achieve the set goals, therefore open-mindedness and effective communication are the basis for our work. We aim to stimulate creativity because we believe that it is an impulse for innovation and gives the prospect for further development.


In our actions, we always rely on honesty towards our employees, coworkers and business partners. One of the key values of IDEAS NCBR is to build relationships based on transparency.


At IDEAS NCBR, we respect different points of view and alternative approaches to the problem. We always look for common, compromise solutions. The relationships are based on mutual trust and respect.

JOIN US - change the future!

The world is constantly changing. We can create the future together. Join our team and help us to discover inspiring innovations! Get inspired for your work and future!!



In our team, you have the opportunity to cooperate with the world-renowned scientists in artificial intelligence and digital economy. It guarantees the highest substantive level and quality of research projects.


We focus on scientific developments that promise practical applications  and gains for the economy. Due to this, you have the opportunity to participate in pioneering research projects, develop your own skills and test yourself in real market conditions.


We create an organization open to international environment. We are aware that such a workplace promotes creativity, readiness for new challenges and innovative solutions.


At IDEAS NCBR, we form a common work space that will inspire all colleagues. Each of us builds mutually positive relations both within the organization and in business.


Gathering over 200 researchers in one innovative company will allow creating, in a few years perspective, one of the largest centers of artificial intelligence in Poland.  IDEAS NCBR will also become an important center of development of Digital Economy solutions – Wojciech Kamieniecki, director of the National Center for Research and Development.

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