Emerging Models of Colossal Computation (E=mc²) 2022

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Local Info

The workshop will be held at UNITRA S.A. building – conference room no. 132

at Nowogrodzka 50 street in the centre of Warsaw. 

Below you will find a map with the information how to get to the venue from the centre of Warsaw.


Currency in Poland

The currency in Poland is Polish Złoty (zł or PLN). The approximate exchange rate is PLN 4  per Euro 1.

This link will help you to convert PLN to other currencies. 

A lunch in an inexpensive canteen costs around PLN 20, and at restaurant starts from PLN 30.  


Transport in Warsaw

Warsaw has an excellent and efficient public transport – ZTM consisting of buses, trams and two metro lines. You can move around the city quickly and easily travelling by bus, tram and metro. Tickets can be bought in vending machines (at bus stops, or metro stations). 

Apart from one-trip tickets, there are also short-term (20- and 40-minutes) tickets.

For farther trips we recommend to use taxis. The cost of taxi from Warsaw airport to the city centre is approximately PLN 50.


From the airport

The airport (Port Lotniczy im. Fryderyka Chopina, often called Okecie) is not far from the center (about 30 minutes by bus), and is served by three bus lines: 175, 188 and 575, as well as a train. The train arrives to Central Train Station, which is 5 minutes walking distance from the conference venue. You can check their routes here.



There are several recommended hotels at this area of Warsaw. If you need any support with booking, please let us know.


Places for a lunch near to the conference venue
  • Mała Gruzja (Nowogrodzka 40) – Georgian cuisine
  • Beef and Pepper Steak House (Nowogrodzka 47A) –  steak and burgers
  • Youmiko Vegan Sushi Centrum (Hoża 62) – vegan sushi
  • Cud Miód (Emili Plater 28) – European cuisine
  • Restauracja Polana Smaków (Emili Plater 14) – European cuisine
  • Soul Kitchen (Nowogrodzka 18a) – seasonal cuisine



  • U kucharzy (Długa 52) – great Polish cuisine.
  • Qchnia artystyczna (Ujazdowskie 6) – artistic style, beautiful surroundings.
  • U Fukiera (Rynek Starego Miasta 27) – the oldest restaurant in Warsaw with history reaching 16th century.
  • Sakana Sushi Bar (Moliera 4/6) – boatfulls of sushi floating over the bar.
  • Polka (Świętojańska 2) – great Polish cuisine.
  • Hala Koszyki (Koszykowa 63) – market hall with restaurants, bars and shops with food.
  • Der Elefant (pl. Bankowy) – the unique fish restaurant in Warsaw.
  • U Szwejka (pl. Konstytucji) – Czech beer and European cuisine.
  • Kafe Zielony Niedzwiedź (Smolna 4) – author’s version of the Polish cuisine.



  • Warszawa Powiśle (Kruczkowskiego 3b) – arranged in the building formerly used as a part of a railway station.
  • Cud nad Wisłą (Wybrzeże Kosciuszkowskie) – small boat near Swiętokrzyski bridge; very stylish and trendy.
  • Jazz Bistro Gwiazdeczka (Piwna 40) – live Jazz music in an adopted backyard.
  • Zapiecek (Świetojańska 13; Freta 1) – great Polish “pierogi”.


Pubs / Clubs

  • BrowArmia (Królewska 1) – serves self-brewed beer.
  • Bierhalle (Nowy Świat 64).
  • Hard Rock café (in Złote Tarasy shopping centre).
  • Kompania Piwowarska (Podwale 25) – beer, meats, soups.
  • Champions (hotel Mariott, ground floor) – beer and sports events.
  • CK Oberża (Chmielna 28) – good for a beer or a meal.
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