About Ideas

Mission & Vision


IDEAS NCBR is new project with the goal to conduct applied research in computer science. We concentrate on creating artificial intelligence algorithms with particular emphasis on applications in digital economy. Our mission is to conduct pioneering research and engage in cooperation with business. We want to serve as an example of how to implement effective methods of commercialization of scientific research results.


In today’s digital world computer science and mathematics are at the heart of every aspect of society, from the economy to medicine. IDEAS NCBR will perform long-term research on algorithms inspired by real world needs in the field of finance, security, health care, energy, economy and sociology.

Knowledge transfer will play an important role in our business. We will work with both public and private partners. Our goal is to develop young research talents that will be able to build effective, mutually beneficial, mechanisms of scientific cooperation with business.


Our values reflect the way we do our business: our professional, ethical approach to relationships with business partners, investors, employees and society.

At IDEAS NCBR, we base our identity on four key values that form our guiding principles, both as an organization and as each employee:


True innovation begins in pioneering research. At IDEAS NCBR, ground-breaking research is always our highest goal.


We believe that excellence comes from combining many different talents. That is why our mission is to educate young, talented scientists who are oriented on the practical dimension of the results of their research.


In the case of IDEAS NCBR, research is inspired by practical needs that may lead to breakthrough solutions for the development of the industry, economy, and society. Our highest priority is to conduct pioneering research, which requires creativity, readiness to take on new challenges and serious involvement into ongoing projects.


At IDEAS NCBR, we are guided by honesty towards our colleagues, scientists and business partners. Processes and procedures in our organization are developed according to the principles of transparency and ethics. We believe that transparency of decisions, openness and communication at all stages of cooperation will allow us to reach the set goals and achieve success.

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