The Second IACR School on Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning 2023

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Local Info


The school will be held at IDEAS NCBR headquarters – Chmielna 69 street in Warsaw (the Varso Tower). After entering the building please take a QR-code pass from the reception and go to the 9th floor.


The currency in Poland is Polish Złoty (zł or PLN). The approximate exchange rate is PLN 4,70  per 1 Euro.

A lunch in an inexpensive canteen costs around PLN 20, and at restaurant starts from PLN 30.


Warsaw has an excellent and efficient public transport – ZTM consisting of buses, trams and two metro lines. Tickets can be bought in vending machines or via an app offered by the municipality (in buses or trams, at bus stops or metro stations).

There are also short-term (20-, 75- and 90-minute) tickets. There are also 1-day or 3-day tickets which are the most cost-effective option as they entitle to unlimited number of journeys for 24 or 72 hours respectively from their validation.

For farther trips we recommend to use taxis. The cost of taxi from Warsaw airport to the city centre is approximately PLN 50.

Transportation connections can be easily checked by means of such applications as Google Maps or jakdojade Warszawa.

From the airport

The airport (Port Lotniczy im. Fryderyka Chopina, often called Okecie) is not far from the center (about 30 minutes by bus), and is served by three bus lines: 175, 188 and 575, as well as a train. The train arrives to the Central Train Station, which is 5 minutes walking distance from the conference venue. You can check their routes here.


There are several recommended hotels located at the city centre of Warsaw:

Places for a lunch near the conference venue:

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